Hotel Castellinaria


The facility

Its circular plan deliberately echoes, in local stone and timber, Sardinia’s sighting-towers – the famous Nuraghi. This is eco-architecture at its most sensitive and alluring. A thoroughly modern structure designed for its guests’ comfort. Also a building which respects the environment and provides the perfect backdrop for a really relaxed and relaxing holiday. The warmth of wood; the essentiality of stone – wherein to dream!

Immersed in a rugged, savory, wild and peaceful setting, the hotel allows you to admire a territory of silence and colors, contrasts and scents between waterfalls, hills, gorges, plateaus, lakes, caves, forests and vestiges of a culture that lasting a thousand year.

Where is it

The hotel is located in Orroli (GPS coordinates N 39º 40 ‘46.00’ ‘E 9º 16’ 30.00 ”), just 4km from the impressive Nuraghe Arrùbiu ( red Nuraghe) considered one of the most important and impressive nuraghes of Sardinia . Not far away, there is a really breathtaking panoramic spot.

The Restaurant

This quietly-spacious, lofty and elegant room, where a slow log-fire always flickers and crackles, is also always open to non-residents. Along two walls a wonderful mosaic adds further atmosphere to a room already rich in comfort and style. Our menus are traditional, leaving space, however, for the chef’s inventiveness. New interpretations of centuries-old recipes. For smart luncheon parties and evocative candle-hit dinners, we are here for you.

Dishes presented as little works of art. Your glasses filled and aglow with Sardinia’s finest wines – vintage reds and cool, green and fresh, whites. To pass several unforgettable hours.
We organise meals for every occasion: company dinners, wedding breakfasts, gala banquets. The Hotel Castellinaria’s Restaurant is waiting for you.

The rooms

All our – your! – Rooms give onto the internal garden. This is a quite green space of cropped lawns, olive and tamarisk trees, herbal boarders and flowering bushes arranged informally around a series of twinkling, chattering water-courses. Somewhere that is both intimate and evocative: redolent of the Latin poet, Horace’s rustic retreat, yet also a place where twenty-first century men and women with their children can sprawl and play. No one room is the same: each is furnished differently, so every room has its own ethos and mood. All, however, can boast fine and rare artefacts. Furniture; objets d’art. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, an open wood-burning fireplace, mini-bar, hairdryers, and a proper bath-tub.

Nearby attractions

Just 4 Km from Castellinaria Hotel you will find the imposing Nuraghe Arrùbiu (Red Nuraghe), considered one of the most important and imposing nuraghes of Sardinia.
The imposing nuragic structure, which is 15 meters high with its central tower and its archaeological site, dominates the plateau of Pranemuru, and owes its name to the particular coloration of the basalt stone that composes it but also to the particular presence Of lichens.
The archaeological monument is easily accessible and equipped with reception services.

24 Km from Castellinaria Hotel, in the municipality of Serri, there is the most extraordinary village-sanctuary of Nuragic Sardinia, the complex of S. Vittoria.
Located on the Giara of Serri, in a landscaped area, the archaeological site extends for about 3 hectares. The sacred well, the pseudo-nuraghe, the Hut of Reunions, the Sacred Street, the Church of S.Maria della Vittoria and the other archaeological structures present in the sanctuary area, create a place of great charm and suggestion.
The archaeological site is easily accessible and has reception services.

34 Km away from Castellinaria Hotel, near the village of Barumini and near the Giara of Gesturi, you will find the majestic Nuraghe Su Nuraxi and its large village consisting of about 200 huts. Testimony of excellence of an ancient culture that distinguishes the cultural heritage of Sardinia, the nuraghe was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The archaeological monument is easily accessible and equipped with reception services.

35 Km away from the Hotel Castellinaria, just before the Goni town you will find the exceptional funeral area of Pranu Muttedu. On the site you can admire the largest grouping of statues-menhir of Sardinia, which, together with other megalithic burials placed in an area rich in vegetation, create a place of charming suggestion.

Within a short distance from the Castellinaria Hotel, Orroli’s territory offers unexpected scenic landscapes, with the artificial lakes Mulargia and Flumendosa. The lakes are ideal places to spend hours relaxing, fishing and canoeing, but also to enjoy the suggestive and relaxing boat excursions.



Hotel Castellinaria – loc. Perdu Accraxiu, 08030 Orroli (CA) – Phone +39 0782 847604 – Mobile +39 338 2423257 – E-mail

Hotel Castellinaria - loc. Perdu Accraxiu, 08030 Orroli (CA)

Telefono +39 0782 847604 - Mobile +39 338 2423257