Who We Are


The Shepherds on Bikes share the sole aim of living motorcycle adventures, along Sardinia. They love to explore and revisit places, atmospheres and flavors, to be reached through always different paths. The Shepherds on Bikes do not care too much about the form, but they care about the substance: to live a unique experience, featuring strong contents in terms of cultural, emotional, and technical enrichment. Only for this purpose, the Shepherds on Bikes will exploit their own state-of-the-art skills: their evaluation is up to you.


Our archive

We populated an extensive archive gathering thematic motorcycle itineraries, covering the whole island surface. Each route has been carefully analyzed kilometer by kilometer, in order to create the most exciting, unknown, and enjoyable paths. No key point of our tracks will be left out: whether you love visiting the most unknown ruins, or living the atmosphere of hiddenmost cove, we will find the best way to bring you there.


Carefulness and Harmony

The Sheperds in Motorcycles aim to live authentic and vibrant experiences, with no frills. However, you can always rely on a high-quality logistical, technical and organizational support where nothing is left to chance. You will appreciate the carefulness that distinguishes us, but also the harmony of the group the Shepherds form.


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