Services for Members

Pastori in Moto reserves to its members services and agreements including discounts on ferries, accommodation facilities and catering, workshops, tire shops, use of the official app Intercom ScAutio.

Services include:

  • Corsica Ferries – Sardinia Ferries: Exemption from payment of booking fees (€ 10 for telephone bookings / € 6 for web reservations), automatic and immediate discount of 8% on all services (taxes and fees excluded), on all the departures and on all lines
  • Special discounts for Continental tires purchased through our technical partner Sasso Gomme
  • Special discounts for Anlas winter tires
  • Certificate that allows associates to use the ScAutio intercom app without limitations (only on Android operating systems), or creating voice chat channels to be used with their own companions of adventure

In addition, the members of Pastori in Moto can access all the free events reserved for members.