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Sardinia island, international reference for motorcycle touring

The Shepherds on Bikes face a challenge: to make Sardinia Island an international reference for motorcycle touring. In order to succeed, the island’s extreme vocation to motorcycle touring is not enough. The Shepherds on Bikes therefore made available unique and state-of-the-art resources, so that Sardinia can be the most sought destination of any motorcycle tourer all over the world.


A unique archive

We have populated a vast thematic archive, perhaps the widest set of motorcycling itineraries in Sardinia. Accurately traced, the routes are articulated throughout the island. Designed with the aim of sharing knowledge and emotions, the proposed paths are efficiently searchable using advanced filters. Each itinerary is distinguished by its uniqueness, as well as the care, usability, and emphasis on the most significant emotional, cultural, and food-gastronomic aspects.


State-of-the-art services for motorcycle tourists

The Shepherds on Bikes work to offer the motorcycle tourists a full and exhaustive support. At the resources recommended by the Shepherds on Bikes, you will find a truly professional, friendly and helpful staff, always available to advise you for an alternative itinerary. Furthermore, you will always find a safe shelter for your bike, as well as the official map of the Shepherds in Motion, which offers a number of themed itineraries divided by length and type, in addition to the list of recommended restaurants and accommodation facilities. Finally, if you need for a workshop, or want to find the most hidden places to reach by bike, you will always have a prompt support.


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