Girus a Pastorigai

Motorbike tours…to Pasture!

The Girus a Pastorigai (Tours to Pasture) are short (half a day) motorbike tours with a surprise track where you can tackle adventurous themed routes, mostly on rural roads, woods, valleys and hills.

Bring your Trekking Shoes

You always travel with your trekking shoes, water, rucksack and … spirit of adventure and adaptation because, after fascinating itineraries, we will stop to explore amazing attractions through small trekkings. The degree of involvement is very high, because you live adventurous days in small groups, refining the spirit of adaptation and learning to fully enjoy the pleasure of facing unexpected situations in new and fascinating settings. Without ever neglecting the cultural aspect of the adventure.

For those who love Adventure

The Girus a Pastorigai are intended for those who love adventure, to know places never seen before, unusual and little known, far from mass tourism. To those who are not afraid of scratching themselves passing by some threatening bramble. To they that can face the scorching but also enjoy the coolness of a hidden spring, appreciate the pleasure of climbing a hill from which to observe endless expanses of Sardinia. No enduro, no technical paths: only healthy … fields for our pleasure. Do you feel ready to try a surprise tour of the Shepherds in Motorcycles? Check the schedule and sign up!

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