The Monumental Trees of Sardinia

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Over eight hundred tortuous kilometers to the discovery of forests and trees of a truly exceptional nature.

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You can visit

  • The Monumental Fillirea in Forau Murgia, in Seulo
  • The three yew trees in the forest of Tedderieddu, among the oldest in Europe, in Arzana
  • The grand millennial olive tree of Santa Maria Navarrese
  • The monumental oaks of the Montes forest, in Orgosolo
  • The Olive Millennial of Luras, among the oldest in Europe
  • The imposing cork oak at Crisciuleddu, in Luogosanto
  • The Clelia tree, large pine planted by Garibaldi in 1867 on the occasion of the birth of his daughter
  • The beautiful olive tree in the hamlet of L‘Avru, in the countryside of Viddalba
  • The millennial olive tree of Cuglieri
  • The remarkable complex nuraghe of Santa Barbara, one of the most representative examples of tancato nuraghe, in Villanova Truschedu
  • The crypt of the Romanesque church of San Lussorio, at Fordongianus
  • The museum of traditional costume and flax processing in Busachi
  • The church of San Nicolò in Ortueri, whose bell tower, 38 meters high, is the second tallest in Sardinia after Mores
  • The archaeological park of Biru ‘e Concas, rich in menhirs
  • Le Cascie, wedding chests, in Aritzo
  • The domos de nie, houses of the snow, and the Spanish prison in Aritzo
  • The Texile di Aritzo natural monument
  • The great mine of Funtana Raminosa, in Gadoni
  • Sa Burra, traditional Gadoni rug
  • One of the highest viaducts in Europe, in Gadoni
  • Sa Domu de Orgia in Esterzili, the most important megaron temple on the island
  • The Pirincanes waterfall and the source of Funtana orrubia, in Arzana
  • The tomb of the giants of Osono, in the territory of Triei, among the oldest ever found
  • The Nuragic village of Or Murales, among the most spectacular in Sardinia, in Urzulei
  • The Valle di Lanaittu and the nuragic village of Tiscali in Oliena
  • The typical masks of the Mamoiada carnival: the Mamuthones and Issohadores
  • The well temple of Su Tempiesu, in Orune
  • The archaeological area of Loelle, in Buddusò
  • The vast panorama from the Alà dei Sardi plateau
  • The church of the castle of Balaiana, among the smallest Romanesque buildings in Sardinia, in Luogosanto
  • The Casteldoria thermal baths and the Doria castle
  • The art gallery, the parish archive and the monumental cemetery at Ploaghe
  • The large tomb of Campu Lontanu in Florinas, with the stele almost 4 meters high
  • The deep canyon in the countryside of Padria
  • The typical baskets of Tinnura and Flussio
  • The tomb of the giants of Su Crastu Covocadu, among the largest on the island

You can taste

  • The typical muffuittu bread in Silì
  • Su Succu, local dish based on homemade pasta, broth of various meats, fresh and sour sheep’s cheese, saffron, in Busachi
  • The bucconette, su gattou and sa tumballa ‘e latte, sweets of Atzara
  • The carapigna, lemon sorbet, in Aritzo
  • Su frigadòri, the baked onions bread, and is cocoèddas, bread with potato filling, in Esterzili
  • The Culurgiones, the cheese ravioli and the mushrooms of Arzana
  • The pistiddus, is casadinas, is papassinos, is origliettas, amaretti, s’aranzada sweets of Oliena
  • The cannonau Nepente of Oliena
  • Sa purpuzza, meat cooked according to an ancient recipe, in Orgosolo
  • Sas orulettas, the tapas and wines of Mamoiada
  • The Vermentino di Gallura, in Monti
  • The Olive oil and the cheese of Sennariolo
  • The Malvasia of Tinnura and Flussio



Feb 8, 2023 - Wed
Luras, Italia
broken clouds
5°C broken clouds
Wind 3 m/s, ENE
Humidity 92%
Pressure 772.57 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed feb 8
rain and snow
3/1°C 4 m/s, ENE 91% 772.57 mmHg
thu feb 9
light snow
4/0°C 6 m/s, NE 67% 773.32 mmHg
fri feb 10
few clouds
7/0°C 3 m/s, NNE 46% 775.57 mmHg
sat feb 11
sky is clear
10/1°C 4 m/s, W 47% 775.57 mmHg
sun feb 12
few clouds
11/3°C 3 m/s, WNW 58% 774.82 mmHg

Elevation Profile

 The path has a height difference of 1044 m. 52% of the route is uphill, the remaining 48% downhill.

The Monumental Trees of Sardinia

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