The Curves of the Sulcis region #1: Terraseo uphill

An intense tour to discover the curves of Sulcis subregion, among important nuragic sites and one of the largest necropolis in Sardinia.

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You can visit

  • The diocesan museum in Iglesias, the only one in Italy having a section on architecture
  • The Punic temple and the protonuraghe of Terraseo
  • The abandoned village of Tratalias 
  • The Is Loccis-Santus Necropolis, consisting of a series of 13 Domus de Janas
  • The Boi Cerbus fishpond, featuring a very rich fauna
  • The Seruci nuragic complex, one of the most extensive complexes of Nuraghe in Sardinia

You can taste

  • The dishes based on the typical white bean of Terraseo
  • The tuna of Portoscuso



Dec 6, 2021 - Mon
Terraseo, Italia
clear sky
8°C clear sky
Wind 4 m/s, NW
Humidity 71%
Pressure 761.31 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon dec 6
moderate rain
9/7°C 10 m/s, NW 64% 755.31 mmHg
tue dec 7
light rain
12/8°C 10 m/s, WNW 65% 762.07 mmHg
wed dec 8
light rain
14/9°C 10 m/s, WSW 90% 756.81 mmHg
thu dec 9
light rain
9/8°C 9 m/s, WNW 59% 758.31 mmHg
fri dec 10
light rain
10/8°C 6 m/s, WNW 95% 756.81 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 553 m. 49% of the route is uphill, the remaining 51% downhill.

The curves of the Sulcis region #1: Terraseo uphill

Distanza (Km)
Altitudine (m)
Tempo (h)

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