The Reclamation Works of the Terralba-Arborea Plain

A tour along the course of the Rio Mogoro, between the white roads of Marmilla and Campidano, to discover the sumptuous works of reclamation of the plain of Terralba and Arborea among dewatering, dams, complex canalizations, evocative scenarios and a suggestive reclamation museum.

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You can visit

  • The majestic dam on the Rio Mogoro, tested in 1934
  • The Sassu draining pump, inaugurated in 1934, used to drain the pond of the same name and a remarkable example of Rationalist architecture
  • The Luri draining pump, of great historical, cultural and landscape interest, used to drain the unhealthy marshes of Luri, Arba and Estius
  • The Museum of Reclamation, the most important reference that testifies to the birth of Arborea city
  • The urbanism of Arborea, from the fascist era, and the historic villas in liberty and neo-gothic style
  • The former Casa Balilla in Arborea
  • The former Casa del Fascio in Arborea and its lictor tower
  • The Arborea’s articulated irrigation canals and typical farm houses
  • The lagoon of Marceddì and the pond of San Giovanni, a Phoenician city
  • The museum of the sea in Marceddì

You can taste

  • The typical dishes of the Marceddì Lagoon, including roast mullets, mussels, clams, crabs, seafood
  • The Polenta from Arborea, brought by the pioneers from the Veneto region to reclaim the area
  • The Semidano wine from Mogoro
  • The Monica and Nuragus wines of Terralba
  • The typical IGT Marmilla wines
  • The DOC Campidano wines of Terralba
  • The Vermentino di Sardegna DOC of Mogoro
  • The typical bread of Marmilla: Civraxiu, Moddizzosu, Coccoi
  • Is malloreddus with sausage sauce
  • The broad beans with lard
  • Sa fregua cun sattizzu, fregola with sausage


Nov 25, 2020 - Wed
Arborea, Italia
few clouds
6°C few clouds
Wind 1 m/s, NNW
Humidity 87%
Pressure 765.82 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed nov 25
overcast clouds
15/11°C 1 m/s, SE 57% 765.82 mmHg
thu nov 26
sky is clear
19/12°C 6 m/s, ESE 56% 764.32 mmHg
fri nov 27
overcast clouds
20/16°C 7 m/s, SE 54% 759.81 mmHg
sat nov 28
moderate rain
18/12°C 9 m/s, SSE 62% 750.81 mmHg
sun nov 29
light rain
14/12°C 2 m/s, N 74% 751.56 mmHg

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The Reclamation Works of the Terralba-Arborea Plain

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