Lighthouses of Sardinia

A coastal itinerary to admire, as closely as possible, the most evocative and mysterious lighthouses on the island.

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You can visit

  • The lighthouse of Capo Sant’Elia, one of the symbols of the city of Cagliari and among the oldest in Sardinia
  • The lighthouse of Capo di Pula, built on the tower of Sant’Efisio dating back to 1600
  • The lighthouse of Capo Spartivento, the only Italian lighthouse converted into a luxury guest house
  • The Mangiabarche rock lighthouse in Calasetta, built in 1935
  • The lighthouse of Capo Sandalo, 30 meters high and placed on a high cliff 135 meters above sea level, in Carloforte
  • The Ghinghetta lighthouse, built in 1912 and of great importance for maritime traffic to the Island of San Pietro, in Portoscuso
  • The lighthouse of Capo San Marco, next to the ruins of the Phoenician city of Tharros
  • The lighthouse of Capo Mannu, which dominates the peninsula of Capo Mannu
  • The abandoned lighthouse of Bosa
  • The lighthouse of Capo Caccia, the highest in Italy, in Alghero, extremely scenic and also used by planes arriving at Fertilia airport
  • The lighthouse of Punta Scorno on the Asinara Island, 35 meters high and built in 1859
  • The lighthouse of Porto Torres, still manned by two men
  • The imposing lighthouse of Capo Testa, built in 1845 and witness of the greatest Mediterranean tragedy of the nineteenth century
  • The lighthouse of Isola di Razzoli, the oldest in Sardinia, built in 1843 and now abandoned
  • The lighthouse of Punta Filetto, activated in 1974 and 12 meters high
  • The lighthouse of the small port of Cala Santa Maria, on the island of Santa Maria, the only inhabited area in the archipelago
  • The lighthouse of the I Corcelli islets, destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1960
  • The lighthouse of the Monaci islets and the lighthouse of the Bisce island, in a very treacherous stretch near the Island of Caprera
  • The lighthouse of Punta Sardegna and the lighthouse of Punta Palau in the territory of Palau
  • The Capo Ferro lighthouse, extremely suggestive
  • The lighthouse of the islet of Figarolo and the islet of La Bocca, which has been driving maritime traffic from Olbia since 1887
  • The lighthouse of Punta Timone on the island of Tavolara
  • The lighthouse of Capo Comino
  • The beautiful lighthouse of Capo Bellavista in Arbatax, the largest on the island and also the most beautiful of the Eastern coast
  • The lighthouse of Capo Ferrato and the lighthouse of Capo Carbonara
  • The great lighthouse of the Isola dei Cavoli, built in 1856 and 37 meters high

You can taste

  • The Orziadas, fried sea anemones
  • The agliata breed of Alghero
  • The Catalan-style lobsters in Alghero
  • Sa Mrecca, slices of boiled and salted mullet wrapped in marsh grass, in Cabras
  • The Burrida, roast mullet and spit eels at Cabras
  • The Cabras mullet bottarga
  • The Sulcis cascà and tuna
  • The Fregula cun cocciula, fregola with clams, in Cagliari
  • The Burrida a sa casteddaia, made from catfish, in Cagliari



Nov 29, 2021 - Mon
Arbatax, Italia
few clouds
8°C few clouds
Wind 9 m/s, W
Humidity 53%
Pressure 749.31 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon nov 29
moderate rain
10/8°C 9 m/s, WNW 66% 750.06 mmHg
tue nov 30
sky is clear
12/8°C 6 m/s, WNW 49% 766.57 mmHg
wed dec 1
broken clouds
15/12°C 4 m/s, SW 64% 762.82 mmHg
thu dec 2
moderate rain
15/11°C 6 m/s, SSW 61% 750.81 mmHg
fri dec 3
light rain
10/9°C 8 m/s, NNW 74% 752.31 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The route has a height difference of 553 m. 52% of the route is uphill, the remaining 48% downhill.

The Lighthouses of Sardinia

Lunghezza - Length (km)
Altitudine - Altitude (m)
Durata - Duration (giorni - days)

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