Around Sardinia Island in 4/8/10 days

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Albergo Castellinaria

A coast-to-coast tour, which includes the visit of some minor islands of Sardinia and more! We will transversely cross the Island twice, along its inner mountains.

This tour of Sardinia will take you for ten days, around the countless beaches of Sardinia, and the most beautiful attractions of the Island, including some almost unknown destinations! The adventure biker which loves the long trips, and also likes to face a challenging trek will have bread for his teeth!

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Feb 8, 2023 - Wed
Urzulei, Italia
few clouds
3°C few clouds
Wind 1 m/s, ESE
Humidity 81%
Pressure 772.57 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed feb 8
rain and snow
4/1°C 6 m/s, ESE 69% 772.57 mmHg
thu feb 9
rain and snow
4/-2°C 4 m/s, NNE 77% 772.57 mmHg
fri feb 10
scattered clouds
6/1°C 4 m/s, NNW 69% 774.82 mmHg
sat feb 11
sky is clear
11/3°C 2 m/s, W 46% 774.82 mmHg
sun feb 12
few clouds
12/4°C 2 m/s, W 40% 774.07 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 1309 m. 49% of the route is uphill, the remaining 51% downhill.

Around Sardinia Island in 4/8/10 days

Distanza - Distance (Km)
Altitudine - Altitude (m)
Durata - Duration (giorni - days)

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