Lakes of Sardinia: the Barbagia Subregion

The route is divided along the five major lakes of Barbagia: Lake Gusana (Gavoi) Lake Govossai (Fonni), Lake Olai (Orgosolo), Lake Cedrino (Dorgali), and finally the Lake Cucchinadorza (Ollolai).

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You can visit

  • The abandoned village at Taloro’s hydroelectric power station
  • The military town of Pratobello, where the state surrendered to the revolt of Orgosolo.
  • The old mill in Tiana and the only existing fulling mill in Sardinia, which is also one of the last remaining in Europe
  • The primary forest of Taxus baccata, which also is the largest in Europe
  • The Nuraghe Mereu, built with white limestone blocks
  • The spiers of Santu Juanne mount, high up to 70 meters

You can taste

  • The typical dishes of Barbagia, together with the shepherds, the goats and domesticated wild boars at the Ecoparco Neule’, located on Cedrino Lake 


 Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 951 m. 52% of the route is uphill, the remaining 48% downhill.

Laghi della Sardegna: Barbagia

Distanza (Km)
Altitudine (m)
Durata (h)

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