The Murals of Sardinia

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Sardinia features a priceless cultural heritage: that of the murals, beautiful paintings on the walls of the buildings or sometimes made on large stones.

The tradition of mural painting takes hold in Sardinia along the sixties. The adopted technique is usually plain water painting, and the styles of the murals displaced along the island range from Naive, to Realism and Impressionism. Some works also depict childhood paintings, in addition to the recently completed modern works based on abstract style.

Thanks to a careful selection of works, the Shepherds on Bikes conceived a long tour which covers the island from North to South, and allows visiting the places where the art of the murals began. The tour will also allow for visiting the best mural works in Sardinia, with an eye to the traditions, the flavors and…the curves of the selected roads. By reaching beaches, mountains and vast plains, the tour will suit the biker who likes the long tours, riding through ancient villages, and enjoying the high quality of Sardinian food and wine.

If you want to enjoy the tour with us, take a look at our event calendar or contact us by e-mail or via WhatsApp at +393450699255

You can visit

  • The murals of: PalauMontrestaTinnuraSuniOrgosolo San Gavino MonrealeSerramannaSan Sperate and Triei
  • The Coghinas Lake
  • In Bosa: the Malaspina castle, the Casa Deriu museum, Bosa Marina beach, more ..
  • Fonni, the highest town of Sardinia
  • Triei, an open-air museum town that boasts the biggest mural on the inquisition in Europe
  • The mountains of Gennargentu
  • The Sound Sculptures of Pinuccio Sciola in San Sperate

You can taste

  • The fregola with zucchini, mint, shrimp and saffron
  • The culurgiones (raisins of durum wheat semolina filled with potatoes, garlic, fresh pecorino, mint)
  • The Spaghetti with sea urchins
  • The burrida, made with dogfish
  • The suppa cuata or Gallurese, with stale bread, fresh cow cheese, herbs, mixed meat broth
  • The orziadas, sea anemones
  • The bottarga di muggine
  • The Panadas, made from a pasta wrap, with varying filling between lamb, beef, artichokes, dried tomatoes
  • The pardulas, sweet stuffed with ricotta cheese or fresh cheese made with eggs, sugar, peel of citrus fruit and saffron
  • Su proceddu, Sardinian pork with aromas flavored with myrtle
  • S’angioi arrustu, Sardinian lamb roast



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Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 1709 m. 52% of the route is uphill, the remaining 48% downhill.

The Murals of Sardinia

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Altitudine - Altitude (m)
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