From San Teodoro to the Costa degli Oleandri

A detailed itinerary, along all the beaches of San Teodoro and Orosei, together with a great curvy path inside Sardinia.

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You can visit

  • The wonderful beaches of Punta Pietra Bianca and Cala Girgolu next to Porto San Paolo
  • The numerous beaches of Capo Coda Cavallo, including the wide Punta Est seafront, beloved by windsurfers and with a beautiful view of Molara, Tavolara and Proratora islands
  • The incredible natural environment of the beach of Salina Bamba
  • The beautiful beaches of San Teodoro: Cala Brandinchi, Lu Impostu and its dunes, La Cinta and its large pond populated by flamingos
  • The beach of Isuledda, pearl of San Teodoro
  • The small village of Porto Ottiolu and the beautiful beach of Budoni with small dunes, ponds and a cool pine forest
  • The Su Entosu e Conca ‘e Bentu nuraghes of Budoni, from which to admire a wide panorama
  • The beaches of Orvili and Su Tiriarzu, separated by the Posada river
  • The fortification of the town of Posada
  • The very white beach of La Caletta and the Aragonese tower of Santa Lucia
  • The Fava Castle of Posada
  • The dunes of Capo Comino, the most extensive of the east coast and the lighthouse of Capo Comino
  • The beaches of Berchida and Bidderosa, among the most suggestive of the whole island
  • The beautiful beaches of Orosei, between coves and immense beaches
  • The seventeen churches, the tower of Sant’Antonio abbot, the prison and the nuraghi kept in Orosei
  • The sacred source of Su Notante in Irgoli and the archaeological area of Janna ‘e Pruna
  • The Carnival of Lula
  • The three mines of Lula: Guzzurra, Sos Enathos, S’Arghentaria
  • The sanctuary of San Francesco di Lula, famous throughout the island for rituals and pilgrimages
  • The beautiful Monte Albo, characterized by a long ridge with an average height of over a thousand meters
  • The twelve nuraghi of Torpè, including the nuraghe San Pietro, the most important in the Baronie region

You can taste

  • The macarrones furriaos, typical food of the shepherds, prepared with durum wheat and stringy sheep’s cheese
  • S’Irvuzzu of Orosei, a mixture of wild herbs cooked in a pan with pork lard, diced
  • Sos Vuvusones, typical long-shaped fritters of the Baronie subregion, made with semolina, yeast and lemon peel with honey or sugar
  • S’Aranzata, a wedding cake made with toasted almonds, sugar, orange peel, honey
  • Su Pinutesu, made with diced semolina pasta, sugar and honey
  • Sa Pompìa fruit, grown near the coast of Siniscola, on the slopes of Monte Albo
  • The Pistizone, Sardinian fregola
  • Sos Macarrones de Erritu, dumplings made with a wire
  • Sos Macarrones de Poddighe, Sardinian thumb dumplings



Jul 4, 2022 - Mon
Orosei, Italia
clear sky
28°C clear sky
Wind 1 m/s, WNW
Humidity 40%
Pressure 762.07 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
mon jul 4
sky is clear
31/27°C 3 m/s, SSE 33% 761.31 mmHg
tue jul 5
sky is clear
32/27°C 4 m/s, SSE 46% 761.31 mmHg
wed jul 6
sky is clear
31/27°C 4 m/s, WNW 53% 762.07 mmHg
thu jul 7
sky is clear
32/23°C 5 m/s, WNW 46% 760.56 mmHg
fri jul 8
sky is clear
28/23°C 7 m/s, NE 50% 762.07 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 939 m. 51% of the route is uphill, the remaining 49% downhill.

From San Teodoro to the Costa degli Oleandri

Lunghezza - Length (Km)
Altitudine - Altitude (m)
Durata - Duration (giorni - days)

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