Hotel Edera



Hotel Edera is located in Belvì, a small mountain village adorned with enchanting landscapes, 70 kilometers away from both Nuoro and Oristano.
Hotel Edera is one of the mountain holiday facilities closest to the idea of Pastori in Moto: you will be guests of Marianna, with great experience in welcoming motorcycle travellers.
You will find yourself in a warm and familiar environment, in a context in which the magical scents of nature will involve you among glimpses of hazelnuts, cherry trees, walnuts, holm oaks.
Hotel Edera is on the slopes of Gennargentu mountain, where tradition has it that the dense forests of ancient chestnut trees are inhabited by invisible creatures, good or spiteful depending on who they are in front of.
Spending a weekend or a whole week there, you can immerse yourself in Barbagia subregion and feel the memory of ancient perfumes related to the land and work.


The cuisine of the Hotel Edera restaurant is typical of Belvì: poor, but truly capable of amazement. The dishes range from coated sheep to roasted pig to refined goat meatballs, snails, potato ravioli, mint. To warm up the completely traditional rooms, a large fireplace which is often useful for drying motorcycle gloves after a day of mountain adventures; to welcome and make you feel at home there is the love for the land of the hosts: Pastori in Moto can confirm you.

In the morning you can savor the simple life of Belvì: table set with loom cloths, homemade jams, hazelnut cake, fresh ricotta and su joddu, the local yogurt.

Motorcycle Tours

There is no way to reach Hotel Edera except by following exciting and winding roads, on asphalt or dirt roads and indescribable panoramas.
Marianna will welcome you, your bikes and your equipment, even if you have faced hours of flood. If you want to reach Hotel Edera with us along transhumance routes, sheepfolds, crafts and typical products cured and refined after years of work and passion for their land, contact us.


Experiential workshops

Hotel Edera organizes experiential cooking workshops for adults and children, where you can learn how to make fresh pasta and other typical products.


The Hotel Edera is the ideal point to venture into the wild nature of Barbagia. Thanks to partnerships with Pastori in Moto and with expert guides, you can reach the most evocative places of Gennargentu by motorbike or through trekking, Nordic walking, off-road routes.

Contact Info

Hotel Ristorante Edera of Marianna Cadau, Via Roma 40, Belvì, Sardegna, Italy Phone +39 0784 629898 – Mobile +39389 7963200 – E-mail