Motorcycle touring gear

A question to which many motorcycle riders have to answer is: what is the equipment useful for a motorcycle trip?
On the net you can already find adequately detailed lists to help you solve many problems in complete self-sufficiency. However, trip after trip, we refined our equipment list (which is still largely upgradable), built by gathering the advice of many motorcycle riders who have described and shared information about their travel equipment.

As a rule, we split our technical equipment on two small and cheap Backpacks Quechua Arpenaz 10 (the cost is around 2.99 €). Since, especially in the case of tours with dirt roads, we face the routes in at least two, we normally divide the load equally in two bikes.

Here is a detailed list of the adopted equipment:

Backpack 1

Outer pocket
  • Powerfix compact toolbox (LIDL) (mod. 07/07) with 5-11 bushes and screwdriver inserts
Inner pocket
  • Folding tank CORA Jollytank 8 lt (about 2.44 €)
  • First Aid Kit Lampa 66961 DIN-13167, mandatory in many European countries (about 8.50 €)
  • Spare levers sx-dx
  • Inner tube repair kit (about 2.79 €)
  • Throttle and clutch cables
  • Fuel Vacuum Valve Diaphragm Set (for Transalp 600 only, see here)
  • Spare tank petrol hose
  • Tyre lever kit Buzzetti professional cod. 4969 (about 21.40 €)

Backpack 2

Outer pocket
  • Oxford stand base, useful for soft terrain or in case of parking in structures with precious flooring (approx. 4.16 €)
  • Disc Lock with remember cable (about 9.90 €)
Inner pocket
  • Wrench
  • Universal pliers
  • Parrot clamp
  • Cutter
  • Anti-slip gloves
  • Electric cable sect. 16mm ^ 2, also useful as a makeshift rope
  • Electric cable sect. 2.5mm ^ 2
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic Bags
  • Replacement lamps and fuses
  • 12v Suaoki Air Compressor (preferably use an electrical outlet with a relay, about 21.99 €)
  • WD-40
  • O-ring chain grease
  • Replacement CDI Drive
  • Replacement Voltage Regulator
  • Metal and plastic hinges
  • Galvanized iron wire basin
  • Hexagonal key set (Allen key)

Additionally, we always carry with us at least one pair of 35mm and 25 mm strapswith tie rods, like the Heavy Duties in Fig. 6.


Fig. 1 – Motorcycle tour gear
Fig. 2 – Backpack 1, external pocket content
Fig. 3 – Backpack 1, internal pocket content
Fig. 4 – Backpack 2, external pocket content
Fig. 5 – Backpack 2, internal pocket content
Fig. 6 – 35mm and 25mm straps

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