Valico Arcuerì

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  • The forests of the Ogliastra subregion: Montarbu and Bingionniga


    {:it}Un tour lungo le foreste d’Ogliastra, fra grotte, cascate, monumenti naturali, suggestivi e unici siti archeologici e peculiarità enogastronomiche che non temono confronti.{:}{:en}A tour along the forests of Ogliastra, among caves, waterfalls, natural monuments, charming and unique archaeological sites, other than food and wine peculiarities that are second to none.{:}

  • Biketrekking in the Golgo upland


    {:it}Un esclusivo ed appassionante itinerario fra tortuose curve ed aspri ma appaganti trekking sull’Altopiano del Golgo.{:}{:en}An exclusive and exciting itinerary between winding curves and rugged but satisfying trekking on the Golgo uphill.{:}