ScAutio App

The first free app for communication between motorcycle riders

The Shepherds on Bikes do not love so much the intercom systems: for us, motorcycle touring is observation, meditation, introspection. However, it is undeniable that communicating with our traveling companions is useful for coordinating stops, sharing driving directions, making decisions.

For this reason we developed ScAutio, a free app specifically designed for group communication between riders.
Thanks to ScAutio, with just a smartphone and a network connection, riders are able to communicate without no distance limits and no limits on number of participants.


Download ScAutio for Android

ScAutio supports bluetooth intercoms of any brand, and is offered experimentally for Android ™ users (soon also for iOS ™). The app is free, but the communication channel is locked [Chat Libera]. In the near future, our associates will be able to use the app without restrictions on the choice of a conversation channel.

For questions, tips or support, a dedicated forum is available. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.