What is the goal of Shepherds on Bikes?

The Shepherds on Bikes populated a vast repository of thematic motorcycle tours, having distinct characteristics and articulated dislocations. Each itinerary highlights the cultural, archaeological and enogastronomic aspects of the sites visited. Tours are freely available and searchable on the basis of the length, duration and the places visited. For each tour, the Shepherds on Bikes have selected the accommodation and catering facilities that have an eye for motorcyclists, and are able to ensure the quality and experience of enjoyment that the Shepherds on Bikes intend to offer. The Shepherds on Bikes aim to make Sardinia the international reference for motorcycle touring.

Guided tours

If you want to take part in a guided tour, ask for information through the booking system: you can count on a roadbook with marked stages, lunches and dinners with strong roots in the visited area and overnight stays on selected facilities. It is the highest priority of the Shepherds on Bikes to experience high-quality food and wine and cultural enrichment. Overnight stay is usually done on Bed and Breakfast facilities or farmhouses, which can offer high quality together with an atmosphere close to the traditions of the visited sardinian subregion.

 A network of excellence focused on motorcycle tourism

The Shepherds on Bikes offer thematic itineraries spread across the entire territory. Along with the peculiarities of each route, the portal is also a showcase for all businesses of excellence that intend to take up the challenge of making the island the international touring reference.

How to join us

The accommodation and food facilities intending to join to the Shepherds on Bikes circuit can present at any time request. In order to be present in all the official printed publications, however, it is necessary to adhere in good time before the end of December. Following the request, the Shepherds on Bikes will make a mandatory visit to the facility to verify the existence of the minimum requirements foreseen by the regulations, so as to accept the application for membership.
Once the application for membership has been accepted, the structure will be inserted in our portal and will receive the official stamp of the Shepherds on Bikes, in annual usage fee. This sign is a symbol of quality and attention for motorcyclists.


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